What Young Adults Need To Know About Health Care Reform


Florida health insurance is important to have but for millions of people, most young adults, they don’t have any health insurance. This can be extremely bad because health should be one of the priorities in life. However, too many young adults don’t have basic cover for their health and it does cost them thousands each year. What do young adults need to know about health care reform?

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is a law which ensures health insurance is available to every person. This will help to give everyone who needs and wants health insurance the chance to get it all at a much affordable price. However, the prices will vary depending on the age of the applicant as well as those who they want to cover with their insurance. Plans can also vary in price due to the location in which someone lives as well as if they smoke or use tobacco products. Florida Blue helps to get everyone health care.

Under 26 Can Still Remain On Parental Health Insurance Plans

In most cases, those who are twenty six years of age or younger, can still be covered for insurance via their parents plan. If they have been a part of their parent’s health insurance plans before, they can still remain on that policy until they turn twenty six. However, the child doesn’t need to live at home or be at school in order to be eligible for the plan. A married child can still be a part of the insurance policy until they reach twenty six but they can remain on the policy and pay to get Florida Blue insurance.

Rehab for Drug Addiction Is Now Covered

The vast majority of health insurance plans in place post-ACA now cover rehab / addiction recovery programs. Since most drug abuse is by young people, this matters a lot. It’s also good public policy. Some of the most-abused and fastest-growing problems like adderall, tranquilizers and synthetic drugs are covered, too.

Eligible for Hardship Plans

If a person who is under the age of thirty is struggling financially and doesn’t earn a great deal, they may be able to become eligible for a hardship Catastrophic Plan. This is for single people however and the person would need to qualify for this but it does cost a lot less than other medical insurance.Then again, the person will received fewer health benefits too but there is still some things covered which is better than having no Florida health insurance.

Parents Don’t Need To Cover Their Children on Their Plans

Parents can choose to keep their child on their medical insurance plans up until they are twenty six but they don’t need to. For example, if a child was married and their spouses were financially rich then the parent may decide to remove the child from the policy. This isn’t illegal so parents don’t need to necessarily keep children on their Florida Blue insurance, but they can if they wanted to. Many young adults can buy their own insurance policy so parents don’t need to pay out more.

Getting Insurance Is a Smart Idea

Let’s be honest, most young adults don’t think about getting covered for health insurance. Most don’t think about it until they need to go to hospital and are left with a mountain of bills to pay because of no cover. That is why, getting insurance could be a smart idea and it may be one of the most important insurance cover to have. Of course some won’t get insurance but it’s important to know what the health care reforms are so you’re aware of where you stand with Florida health insurance.

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