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What Doesn’t Health Insurance Cover?

What doesn’t health insurance cover? Of course, sometimes it seems like the question should be ‘what does it cover’, especially when dealing with Florida Health Insurance.

Affordable health insurance that still allows you to get some coverage can seem impossible to find.

Here are our tips on what to be careful of in the coverage market.

Why doesn’t medical insurance cover everything?

Remember that, medical insurance is a short term insurance method and they do often have to minimize risk while maximizing their bottom line. This means that a host of non-core services will likely not be covered, especially on more affordable health insurance plans.

For example, therapies to help weight loss are very often not covered. It does seem unfair that many practices we may deem necessary to our health and wellbeing simply doesn’t make the cut, but those cuts are often in place due to negligence, theft and scamming in the past.

Due to people misusing their services, policies have been forced to either cut out current scam areas or raise premiums beyond what people are willing to pay.

There’re a few categories that typically don’t make Florida health insurance plans, and we look at these below.

Sterilizations and reversals as well as fertility.

Many plans, even affordable health insurance plans, will cover sterilization procedures, but the reversal procedures are not typically covered in the same ways.

Remember that if this is a situation you want to apply to yourself, you need to investigate this with the medical insurance before signing on the dotted line. On a similar note, IVF and other fertilization procedures are not typically covered under most health insurance plan.

There are some states that mandate that this is covered in the policy, however, so it will depend on where you live.

Travel vaccines.

While standard ‘health’ immunizations will be covered by most policies, travel vaccines usually are not. If you travel a lot and need it covered in your medical insurance policy, it’s vital that you look into this aspect before signing.

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Massage and alternative therapies.

Despite the therapeutic benefits of massage, particularly on those with musculoskeletal issues, it is not typically covered by Florida health insurance.

Acupuncture is also not typically covered, despite an increasing body of evidence as to its use in promoting health.

Cosmetic procedures

Sadly, under most medical insurance dental care also falls in this category. You will need to make sure that your medical insurance actually covers this aspect before you purchase, otherwise you will only be able to get emergency extractions.

Medically necessary cosmetic surgery will be undertaken- that’s restoration after accidents, not your nose job, however.

Other areas often not covered by medical insurance include weight loss treatment, routine podiatry concerns and any non-emergency health event that takes place outside of the country of residence.

Overall, despite the need to get more affordable health insurance, you also need to be certain that your medical insurance covers services you need as it is not a given.

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