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How Much Does Health Care Really Cost You?

Is my health plan required to cover all the services that I need?

This is one of the main questions people ask when looking for Florida health insurance.

No. The plan is only obliged to offer consultations, tests, and treatments under the contract.

The 10 essential minimum benefits that need to be offered by the plan in the contract is established by ACA and Florida health insurance for each type of plan (outpatient, hospital with or without obstetrics, dental or reference). If your contract mentions any service that is not in the list provided, the plan is required to cover.

Check the mandatory minimum coverage with your provider.

How urgent care / emergency?

This is one of the biggest worries for those who buy any sort of affordable health insurance, and here is some important information that might help you.

emergency room

The coverage depends on the type of insurance that you buy. Personal accident is often totally covered by most plans.

So, if your health plan is only ambulatory, urgent care / emergency is limited to the first 12 hours in the emergency room unit – but this may vary from provider to provider. If medical procedures are needed that require you to be admitted to a hospital, even if it is for less than 12 hours, you will not be entitled to do so by health insurance?

In this case, it is up to the health plan you carry the emergency unit accredited to plan for a unit of public health, if available in your country that has the willingness to continue with treatment.

What about dental care? Most plans do not cover it, but  Florida blue might

Already to qualify for dental care urgent / emergency, the health plan must be dental. The dental care defined by law must be carried out with complete coverage by health insurance after 24 hours of the start of the term of your contract. You can refer to these procedures in the compulsory minimum coverage defined by your contract.

A company tried to sell me a plan, but I felt very cheap. How much does a health plan? Why is a plan cheaper than another?

Be careful. The company or the broker may be selling a plan for your family as you would for a company (usually they offer plans for companies from three people). If a plan for the company, at the time of adjustment the company can increase the price without asking you. The rule only defines the adjustment percentage for individual or family plans. That is, if the plan is sold as if it were a company, the starting price can be cheaper. However, at the time of adjustment, as the company selling the health plan is not required to follow the value established by the most plans, the price may be higher. Remember that the price of a plane is related to the calls to which you are entitled, the places where you can use the plan in your city, in your state or across the country, and your age. You can get a great notion of prices with Florida blue.

If I have any disease, the company may refuse to sell me the plan?

Under no circumstances, can it refuse a client, but if you declare that you have an illness at the time of purchasing the plan, the medical insurance company can offer two alternatives.

For up to two years to suspend the service of some procedures related to the disease that you said or to an increase in monthly fees so you have entitled to all cases, including those related to the disease.


Compare the price of the plan you want to buy with the price of the plans of others companies such as Florida blue. This can help you save!

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